Vintage Jumpsuit

Taking advantage of any sunny days that come my way.
 I found this gem at my not so secret thrift shop in town.
It's so 80's but I couldn't pass it up!
I'm really just a little old lady who lives for comfort deep down inside!

This was shot on the same day as the "Lingerie and Leather" shoot.
The day I had my wisdom tooth pulled..
Hence the puffy cheeks, and strained look on my face hehehe

Have you had your wisdom teeth pulled?
Would you have recommended me to go blogging afterwards??



  1. Shavon7:57 AM

    "I'm just a little old lady who longs for comfort deep down inside." Classic Bridgeparker! �� You can style anything effortlessly! Love this look!

    1. Thank you Shavon!! I am an old lady for sure!

  2. Where did you find the jumpsuit


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