There's This Top..

Have you ever wanted a piece of clothing and then realized it may be 
a little over used, or in other words "played out"?
This top has been circulating the blogs for many weeks now.
We've seen it on a few pop culture figures as well.
I just had to have it.  Once I got it.. I was singing a different song.
It's made well. It fits well. It's trendy enough.. But I had a slight sense of 
hesitation associated with blogging it.
But hubby convinced me..and even picked out the whole look.
So here goes nothing! 

Top GoJane Here
Skirt Banana Republic
Belt Target
Sandals Go Jane



  1. You look lovely my dear, I love that you took a chance on the top. I love, love mine...hehehe!!. Keep the looks coming.

    1. Thanks! Quiet as kept, I love mine too! Great minds think alike :)
      thanks for always showing love <3

  2. Girl I have felt the same way about that top!!! I want it so bad but I'm like dang every body and they momma has it, LOL. But you definitely worked it and good job hubby!!! Love that color too!

    P.S. - I definitely prefer the Pigalle 120 over the So Kate 120. It's way more comfortable. I have 2 pairs of the So Kate pump and both have my feet traumatized. A fellow blogger told me to get a 1/2 size larger and it's easier to tolerate. Another random Louboutin fan said if you stretch the toe box it will be way more comfortable. I just don't believe I should have to do all that but I got to try something because those babies are sitting pretty in my closet, lol.

    1. Thank you sooo much! He will be very happy to read this lol!!

      Now about those dang on So Kates...They are from hell. I love the way they look but I want to cry in them. How can a heel hurt in your shin?? I'm definitely going back for a Pigalle.
      It was so comfortable (I only tried the 100), but vanity made me get the So Kate because it was higher.

      Thanks for the info!


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