Orange and Navy

Here's a favorite color combination of mine! Orange and Navy can be so preppy. It reminds me of high school, football games and homecoming. With this look I got my inspiration from the clutch bag. I found it in a small boutique in New Haven, CT.  It has no name in the inside and all the boutique owner could tell me is that it was made in Africa. She didn't need to tell me much because I was already in love! I knew instantly what I wanted to carry it with. 

Funny side note: when I was younger I used to always say "wear a purse." My mom would always correct me and say "you wear clothes, you carry a purse." 

Crazy how those little quirky things stay with you! 



  1. Very classy and elegant

  2. Thank you Melba!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This look is amazing gives a corporate swag look. Love it

  4. Thanks Andrea! I like that!


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