Bomb Feature

So... My heart stopped the other day when I opened my email and the senders name read 
"The Fashion Bomb"
I was so excited I could barely open the email. Then quickly, I said to myself  "she's probably saying nice try on the submission..better luck next time" Doubt and fear always try to creep in when your on the path to doing what you love. Within the 60 seconds it took me to register what I was seeing, I had already gone through shock, joy, disbelief, 
and joy again!
The email simply read: 
"You're going to be today's Bombshell. Thanks!"

And just like that, one of the most influential bloggers of my time decided I was worthy of a feature on her platform.


Check out the photos below.

A Half Million Subscribers On Instagram!
And that's little ol' me there in her most recent pics...
I was flying for like two days lol!

Now that I'm back to earth, I have to get to work!
The fact that I have subscribers at all is a blessing. No one is obligated to check this blog.
With that knowledge in mind, I plan to make the most of your time and mine.

Click the link below and check out the feature!
Leave me some love over there.


  1. congrats on your feature - good luck on your next goal.

    1. Thank you so much Marcia!


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