Bridgeport Strong

Good morning my loves! 
   I hope everyone has had an amazing week.  It seems like the 4 day work weeks are always the longest. Figure that out!  Never the less, happy Friday!! 
   While searching for locations to shoot for the blog, I ended up in an area that I grew up in.  The Hollow.  It's one of Bridgeports rough neighborhoods amount many others.  Being there reminded me of being walked to school by my Uncle Josh.  It brought back memories of my Grandfather's church on the corner of James and Harrell Ave!  I have a special love for this city.  Some of you may not know this, but the name BRIDGEPARKER is my dedication to where I come from. 

Bridgeport, the Park City = Bridge Parker

Jacket, Hat, Necklace, & Jeans: F21
Temple Tee: Mad Rag
Shoes: Bakers


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