Casual Goes Regal (Thoughtful Tuesday)

   I made a decision today.  I am going to stop as of of this moment comparing my life to anyone else's. We all have our journey's to ride out. As for me, in the past I have been crippled by fear and by comparison. Fear that I would not make it to the level of success of others! Comparison of my journey to theirs. 
   I can admit to doing what a lot of us do; comparing ourselves to strangers online.  If I am completely honest with you, sometimes fear makes me want to give up.  Sometimes comparison can absolutely  kill my creativity.  Fact is, if you are trying to create from a place of jealousy you are more likely to fail.  It's like watering a plant while speaking words of hate to it. 
   Nothing positive ever comes from a mind full of negativity.  I have been on this journey to becoming a stylist since childhood. Today I decided i will continue. I will put everything good that's in me, into my journey. I hope that by sharing this, you are inspired to remain hopeful about what drives you. If you want a positive outcome; focus on your craft. Not the success of others and their journey vs. your own. 

God bless dolls, smooches and deuces!! 

This casual look got a little bit regal around the neck area! I feel so "Coming to America" with these two necklaces combined. The blue shoes add just the necessary pop of color to keep this look exciting and feminine. 



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