Paisley, Leopard, and Jewels Oh My!

Hey there my loves!

I recently discovered ! Let's just say there will be tons of new shoes on these feet in the coming year. I can't wrap my head around a shoe site where I have to have a membership so GoJane works for me. 
Today I'm print mixing like a pro. Don't ever be afraid to mix what feels good to you. 
There's a certain freedom in it. 
Enjoy friends!

Shoes - GoJane
Pants/Sweater/Necklace - Loft
Sweater - Gap
Purse (Philip Lim) - Target


  1. How cute are u .... Love gojane as well

    Ps thanx for stopping by faith family fashion

    1. Ha! Thanks babes! GoJane is the best, I'm hooked.


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