Snow Day (Plaid Button Down)

Hello Gang! 
This week we are going to play with this red plaid button down shirt.
I thrifted this top about ten years ago.
To be honest it's something I wear ALL the time. Usually I have it on with stretch pants or jean shorts.
On this snowy night a few weeks back, I went out to play in the snow and ended up taking some pics.
Check out this outfit and keep on the lookout for different stylings of it throughout the week.

Coat: Old Navy
Blazer: Banana Republic
Shirt: Polo 
Boots: Polo
Gloves: Aldo

xo, Shari


  1. Love that coat AND blazer. Fab combo!

  2. That coat and blazer look great together.

  3. Thanks ladies, and thanks for stopping by!


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