Friends inspired by Bridge Parker

Week one of this month, I featured the boyfriend shirt. Week two it was the cardigan. A few Subscribers of mine sent pictures of themselves in their Bridge Parker inspired looks!!
Take a look and feel free to send in your own pics recreating any post I put up!
Lets have some picture fun!!!

Thanks a million Ladies.
First up is Adara Holley. She recreated the cardigan under a dress look. I love how classic glam she looks!

Second is fellow Blogger Arelis Cintron of "My Pocketful Of Thoughts" and "Pushing Lovelies"
She mixed week one and two for a very wearable combo. I love the double wrap belt! Adorbs!!

If you would like to be featured please email me at (


  1. Both of these girls did an amazing job. Looks like I need to visit future posts so I can be inspired too. :)

  2. Hey Jennifer! Definitely come by often. I will feature inspiration photos every week.

    xo, Shari

  3. Adara always looks amazing! It is great though to have the Bridge Parker blog for some inspiration. The boyfriend shirt was in my closet for months without being used, I didn't even think to mix and match it with a number of items in my closet. I've worn the shirt at least another four times since! YAY

  4. What a great post, love how these ladies used your looks as inspiration.


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