Cobalt and Amber (Blue Statement Necklace)

Welcome back from the weekend!
Here's my ode to the Monday Blues.
The Item of the week is this necklace, found in MANY stores..
On Friday I'll say where this one is from.
For now lets just enjoy the baubles and their rich color.

I wanted these pants forever! They finally went on sale and were actually in my size. 
I had to grab them!
I am, if you haven't noticed by now..the ultimate sale shopper.
Does the style differ, if I pay $15 bucks and another blogger pays $80
for the same piece?
I think not..

(image from google)

.Here's two stylings of this Cobalt and Amber look.


  1. Those are a great pair of slacks. I hope we'll see that striped rugby coat from old navy on you in a post soon.

  2. Fabulous statement necklace!

  3. Hey, thanks ladies!
    Bessie, you will see it soon!

  4. love the colors together! I can't wait to hear where the necklace is from on Friday! And no I would rather buy the pants for 15 bucks than 80 :) Plus you are proving that it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to look good.

  5. I will reveal the secret in two days Lolol.
    Thanks chica!


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