Best Birthday Ever

This was absolutely the best birthday a girl could ask for. I got set up soooooooo good!
Okay so here's how it happened.....
My then Boyfriend told me he set up a professional photo-shoot in the heart of Downtown Bridgeport at all my favorite spots. The Barnum Museum, The Bridgeport Public Library, and the infamous stairs by The Cabaret Theater. By the time we got to the second location and I had changed my coat and heels twice and I was wiped out! He asked could we go to one more location to take some couples shots. Being the bratty birthday girl I had every right to be, (lol) I was like, we can take them right here! I said "look how romantic this is! These can be our engagement photos in a few months", I told him, "You should get down on your knee and act like you're proposing!"
Then he said......................

"Actually. I am" !!!

My heart stopped.

My now fiancé, says that I gave home the perfect set up. He uses the basketball term "alley-opp" for my subscribers who don't speak man talk it means
-a basketball play in which a leaping player (him) catches a pass (the passer was me, hehe) above the basket and immediately dunks the ball (that would be him, slam dunking!!)

So guys.. I'm getting MARRIED eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh (that's me screeching)


  1. Awwwww this just made me tear up.. I'm so happy for you!! Your hunnie did good .. your ring is absolutely gorgeous and I just love your story :) Congratulations to the both of you, can't wait to see the beautiful wedding and all the planning details that go into it!

    You seem like a sweet heart and deserve all the happiness in this world :)


    1. Thank you Toni!! I'm so excited, lots of pics to come!

  2. Such an awesome story! Congrats!!! Blessings prayed for your union :-)

  3. So happy for the both of u...blessing n ur future..and welcome to the engagement club lol

  4. Beautiful proposal....congrats on your engagement

  5. that is awesome! it played out perfectly!

  6. Congrats this is so so exciting! Enjoy the moment : )


  7. yay you!!!! congrats :)


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