Monday Funday

So Hurricane Sandy..
I hope everyone is safe and secure.
Hope there is minimal if any damage to our homes and towns.
But I'm so excited to have the day off!
I had a mini photo shoot yesterday for this weeks blog post and it was quite windy and very grey..
Calm before the storm..?
My whole look here is thrifted other than the jacket and belt.
I put this dress in the cleaners as soon as I got it two summers ago and just never found the right time to wear it. 
I'm trying to put a lid on my spending on top of the fact that there is just no more room in my closet for new, I went digging and this girl was there waiting to be featured. So here she is..
My Sandy Special.


  1. I love the combination of pattern and fabric and pairing them with classic boots and accessory colors to tie the two together :)


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