Fringe Benefits

So these shoes showed up quite a few times in my recent post....
I set out to shoot a few outfits at one time at my Brother's out in PA..
-to my surprise- 
I left one of my shoe bags home!!
But! One of the fringe benefits of having a shoe lover sister in law..
I was able to borrow a pair or two of her shoes for my shoot :-0 
I feel like I can share these little secrets with you all lol!
Any who..
This outfit is more date night than Tuesday morning in the office.
With that said, there's always exceptions and ways to make it work..
A simple blazer or cardigan could turn the sexy down on this outfit 
in a heart beat.   


  1. Its great to be able to borrow from family :)

  2. My sis in law is the big sis I never had, and her closet!!! Lets just say I'm always in it.


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