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Some brights for your Monday morning! 
This outfit almost didn't get posted.. 
I took this photo a few months back and forgot about it. (Hence the Sandals)
But, it's always warm in blog land right??
I love the color blocking trend. The funny part about that is, I've always done it!
Yes, I'm talking about 5th grade Shari lol!!
My classmates, adults, even my older brother would always say 
"you can/will wear ANYTHING!"
I would laugh and say thank you (I guess),
unsure whether it was a compliment or a stab at my fashion sense.
One thing I did know was I was going to continue to wear what made me FEEL good!
I am absolutely an Emotional Dresser. 
Never following the rules and Always trying to open people's minds to the freedom that
lives in


  1. Gorgeous,love the color combo

  2. These are great colors!!

  3. Love the head wrap....I have braids on,you just gave me an idea to spice up my look.Thanks...


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