My brother Shawn and his wife Angel met about 11 years ago..at a wedding. The rest was history, because less than a year later they were at they're own wedding! They are both young professionals. My brother is a District Manager a well known Pharmacy and is very comfortable being the Head Man In Charge.Angel manages several Medical Practices and like her husband, she does not mind being the woman who holds the responsibility. I've learned a lot from them and I'm absolutely following in their foot steps!

Six children later, I've never seen a couple more well suited for one another.Yup...I said it, 6. Keith, Elaanie, Aliyah, Shawn Jr, Angel, and "the boss" Ava.In a few of the pictures you will see that Ava and Angel could not let this styling session go off with out their moment to shine!After posting these pics, I'm sure you will see more of them in weeks to come.Aliyah is NOT going to let me get away without styling and featuring her asap. 

I'm the lucky one because my Sister in Law is the big Sis I always wanted. 
Even my mom always jokes that Angel is really her daughter. 
What a blessed family we are to be able to be so close. 
I styled Shawn and Angel in two looks a piece.
                        Please enjoy and please comment below to wish them a
                           HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!



  1. Awww.beautiful family. Lovely couple!

  2. thank you!! I love them!

  3. I love colored pants on guys :) Both outfits are great! Happy Anniversary to them! 6 kids thats AWEsome! I keep saying I want 8 so this is encouraging (Just don't tell my boyfriend) LOL

  4. Lol!! 8??? You are a brave woman! I love colored pants for guys also!


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