Print Mixing

This is my attempt at mixing patterns. Some may consider this trend difficult to achieve. I think is a fun way to dress organically. It's more about what feels right than what matches by way of tradition. 
I challenge you (subscribers and viewers) , on you next day off ; add one item that doesn't go with your outfit. A scarf, crazy necklace, or a bright shoe. See how much fun you have wearing it! 
Talk to you soon!!!


  1. I'm going to try it, but I find the thought scary LOL It looks nice when I see others do it. You're outfit looks put together...I wonder if my mixes will have the same effect or if its just out of habit of trying to make things "Match". hmmmmmmmm

  2. Try it!!! I know you'll look fab

  3. amazing look!love the blazer!


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