It's in the bag

Happy Wednesday Love Bugs!!
Today I just wanted to give you all a break from all the glitter and sequins.
This is what you're most likely to find me in on a regular day.
Olive green is my all time favorite color, so any time I can sneak it in I will.
I used to make handbags in my spare time...Pre-retail. Now i barely have a moment to blog.
At a time I even owned a boutique that sold my handbags, accessories, and men's ties/bow-ties.
It was the cutest little shop in a train station, (SONO) for all my Connecticut subscribers.
Well here's one of my creations. 
It's an extra long clutch made from a wicker place mat, faux, and real leather.

Enjoy and have a blessed day!!
*God is Love*


  1. Very cute, I have that top, but I've only worn them with dark wash jeans, I actually like the contrast in color with the lighter jeans :) I love the bag, I remember when you had the shop open, do you think you'd ever go back to making lovely pieces? God IS love!

  2. Oh wow, what a great bag. You made that?! Sooo good!
    I love your hair too btw.

    Confessions Of A City Girl

  3. cute outfit! that clutch is gorgeous!

    Glass of Fashion

  4. What a cute outfit! Perfect for dinner or a girls night!!


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