Easter Sunday

What a lovely Day it was!! I went to two services and these were my looks for the day.


  1. WOW.. you looked gorgeous in both looks, but those shoes with the black dress/white blazer.. HOTT! Love the entire look :)


  2. Thank you!! Those shoes weren't that bad to walk in either.

  3. I love both outfits! Those shoes are like POW, can't touch this :) I can see MC Hammer dancing in the background...The 2nd dress is soft and feminine, love the floral print! The accessories, love the big bold necklaces, I wish I could wear stuff like that, whenever I shop for those pieces though they look like they swallow me whole :(

  4. please share where did you get those amazing shoes from...I love when you share your finds...girl you get great finds

  5. Thank girlies! Sharon both shoes are from Bakers!


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