The Blanket Poncho

Good morning! I took advantage of the sun yesterday and took some pictures!! That plus I was actually outside of work and it was still daylight :)
No complaints, I love my job but at times in retail after hours of standing and "socializing" with clients... You're just done ;) You need time to be turned off. None the less I love when I have time to focus on my dreams and passions just like everyone else who blogs or styles folks...

This poncho used to be a bed throw years ago. One day as it was lying across my bed it hit me that it would be a great poncho!! So WHA__LAA!!


  1. love the look vintage door just set it off love the poncho

  2. Thank you. I love that door lol.. Who knew I could find it in my own backyard!!!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as I was looking at all the new pictues, I love that door, its so you! and it really complements the outfits without taking away, such a lovely background! So creative, to turn a throw into a poncho, the colors are warm and inviting, and make the white pants POP. Another outstanding outfit!


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