My Favorite Colors Holiday!!

Granted, I look for any reason to celebrate and have a good time..
I found yet another reason to indulge in holiday festivities!!

My favorite color "Kelly Green" has it's very own holiday
Each picture has subtle changes, but I think every girl knows exactly how that goes!
We change seven times or more usually before deciding and our rooms end up a hot mess lolol!!

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  1. Wow Shari you look great! Love this color combo, and a tie neck blouse wins me over every time!!, the belt in the first pics is brilliant tith he top and skirt!


  2. Thanks Toni!!! That's means a lot coming from you, enjoy your weekend! I like the first combo better myself.

  3. Oh wow you look so cute! I love the green skirt and I actually like the look paired with the thin belt in the 2nd pic. HOT!

  4. Well thanks my dear! I got that belt...well both belts at GW!

  5. I love green as well! The skirt is really pretty along with your blue blouse!!!

  6. Nice colour combo!

  7. Why thank you ladies!

  8. I love pencil skirts, but I can never find one that I feel comfortable in :( When I can finally shop again, Shari, you know what we're looking for. I was in TJ Maxx yesterday and saw this beautiful jacket and thought of you and an outfit you had on the blog a few weeks ago...Hopefully its still there once I can commence the shopping!

  9. Love both looks!!! Love your style! So chic and polished! You're so pretty too.



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