Mixing Stripes

I had a little fun mixing stripes..
Love breaking fashion "rules"!
Do you find yourself stuck in the box?
Live on the edge a little!!!
No one can tell you that certain patterns
don't "go together"!!!!
It's your world..Have fun, Play dress up.
Here's a few ways I'd wear this look.
ps.. this could be the last of the fur for now. 

Belt: Vintage Polo
Skirt/Blk Jacket: Loft
Tank: F21
Denim Jacket: American Eagle
Shoes: YSL 


  1. your dress is super cute!
    I love the stripes :)


  2. love the look

  3. Love the mix in stripes.

  4. You are too cute!! love this look! Im feeling the hair too chica!


  5. Love it, i don't know why i'm always afraid to mix patterns like that, but you're right who is going to tell me it doesn't go...well maybe my mom lol Thanks for giving us more inspiration!


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