Color Pants Much?

I seem to be posting lots of bright pants! Honestly; when my job receives shipment and there are bright colored pants in there, the girls know I want and will buy them! I cant help it! Maybe I can, but I won't!
I think it's time I get a hold of some PASTELS...... 

Any who, this is what I wore on Monday to work.
It's my first ever fitted plaid shirt. It was a little snug so 
I decided to pop a fair isle vest over it. I like the play on patterns.

Have a great one friends!


  1. What a cute outfit.. casual and comfy..

  2. I love that, throw something over a little snug shirt, I normally just put those things in the donate to Good Will Pile :) Love the pants! The pastels are so pretty to! I hope I don't go too crazy when I can finally shop again LOL

  3. You look awesome! The fair isle sweater vest is a super fab addition and the layering looks great!

  4. Thanks Love Bugs!! Arelis you are gonna spazz out when you start shopping again. I would love to just watch! lol


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