Bugs Reptiles And Flowers

Keeping with the theme of brightly hued pants.. Here are some electric blues!!
I paired it with my jail house stripes and couple of bug/reptile pins to hold my leather
flower necklace in place. I was really playful with this look today.

How do you like my purple glasses?
These are actually my everyday glasses.
When I first got them I was almost too embarrassed to wear them out!
I was bold when I picked them out; but then got a serious case of shyness when
I got back to the real world LOL
Love them now!!

Glasses: Ray Ban
Top: Gap
Pants/Bracelets: Loft
Necklace: F21
Pins: Lane Bryant
Watch: Timex
Shoes: Target
Belt: Vintage


  1. Your glasses are cute!! I've always wanted to try wearing that color blue pants probably i'll give it try looks great on you :)

  2. You could totally pull it off! Let me style you for some upcoming post!!!! I would have so much fun showcasing you and your blog here on my blog.

  3. Love your purple glasses!

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  4. Oh those glasses are absolutely adorable!!! Love your outfit as well. CUTE!

  5. Nice outfit, great blog

  6. Thanks ladies!! And thanks for stopping by.

  7. OK those glasses are really awesome! They're bold but what the heck...they're totally the trend right now :)

  8. your glasses are too cute! soo trendy!!


  9. your glasses are too cute! soo trendy!!


  10. Thanks so much Ladies!
    That's one of the reasons I was afraid to buy them..I didn't want to look like I was following the trend. But hey I love them anyway ;)

  11. Gotta Love the BOLD glasses, I bought a similar pair a few years ago in blue, which i bought as my "going out" pair but I don't really go out much lol Love the blue pants, pops of color this season for fall and into spring and summer, I really hope it remains into next years fashion. There's something about the colors that just make you feel warm and fuzzy and SMILE. Love using the pins to hold the necklace in place, its like a totally new piece!


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