Unlikely Duos

I had to grab some quick pictures of myself  because there wasn't anyone around to capture this combo. This outfit was picked out the night before and I had two options for pants. I was debating between a dark grey silky "cargo pant" and these bright blue numbers shown here. Due to all the shorts on display in every store and so many fun colors to choose from, I'm starting to get Spring fever!!! So naturally I went for a bright statement pant.

~ From this picture I could easily have on a pencil skirt or tailored slacks on bottom ~

                               ~ This necklace is my go to statement necklace! I wear it all the time! ~

~ An arm full of bangles as usual ~

~ Here they are! I think I have a crush on blue pants, call it Blue Crush! ~
~ Flats from payless about a year ago (Love em) ~


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  1. I definitely think the blue pants were the best choice. You look great and its a fabulous outfit. The pop of color is unexpected!

  2. I second fashion pad's thoughts re: the blue pants - great choice. I also love the bangles...arm candy has become my fave accessory!

  3. I'm a sucker for arm candy :)and lots of it! Thanks

  4. I love the bright pants, i have red, white and blue on my list to get this spring/summer....Love the necklace and bangles...I always want to buy them but think they look to big on me when I actually try them on :/

  5. Thanks! They are really some of my favorite pieces. I definitely think you could pull off bangles. Come by the store and I'll have a fit session with you for some arm candy!

  6. Pretty :) Love the necklace!!

  7. Thanks Jenille! It's my fav


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