my WHOLE life

A few weeks ago my mom and I were shopping at Marshall's and I bumped into this jacket.  I started flipping out!!! My mom was laughing so hard..  until I said "Mom, you don't understand! I've wanted this jacket my WHOLE life!!!" She gave me the look, only a mother can and asked in her most sarcastic tone, "your WHOLE  life?" I said well at least my whole Facebook life!

Who remembers life without Facebook? Seems as far back as pre-k

Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Mossimo
Cords: Loft
Boots: Banana Republic
Purse: Family Owned..aka Mom's


  1. Nice jacket!!! I saw one at the mall last year and looked at the price tag, suck me teeth and kept it moving lol.

  2. Kandi I wanted it forever! Thank you

  3. I am literally LOL at the "family owned" description used for the handbag. Regarding the jacket - I totally understand why you feel that way - it's GREAT!

  4. Lol, what? A girl can't borrow her mom's bag for picture sake!!??! lmbo! j/k Thanks!

  5. Love the Polo Look, one of my favorite style. Well put together.

  6. So chic! I love this nautical look!!


  7. Thanks ladies! I can't get enough of this jacket!


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