Mixing Patterns

I realize these pictures aren't the greatest, but if I keep waiting for the best photo op and photographer...I'll never get pictures on this blog of myself.

I found this dress at a thrift store some 5 yrs ago. It was ankle length at first. I decided to give it a little chop!
I'm in love with the outcome. It's now one of my favs!

The sash is from a vest that I wore in my 60's 70's post. I think they look cool together.

Hope you like it.
If so please add my blog to your list of Blogs you follow. I promise there will be some cool outfits coming up!!


  1. Cute dress and love the flat boots they look super comfy :)


  2. Thank you! They are, I just worked a 9 hr day in them... standing! :)

  3. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by, and I love this dress and the boots you added. I can't believe this dress has been in your closet for years, it looks new :) Would you like to follow each other?

  4. Sure! I love your blog Bessie. I actually check it daily :) I will officially follow it for sure, and thanks for the compliment. I'm very new to blogging

  5. Those boots are fab hunni! Cute outfits!

  6. Cute outfit, i love the bag!

    Check out my blog, comment, and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  7. Shari..this is sharon patterson from central..so exicted about the page u created...it was bout time lol! Love it! Nothing but blessing 2 u and ur future endeavors...will be follow this

  8. Hey Sharon! Thank you so much! Yes please add me to the list of Blogs you follow! Thanks for your support! Hope to see you soon.


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